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Olivia trummer Fly Now Project

Olivia Trummer (piano & vocals)
Haggai Cohen-Milo (double bass)
Nicola Angelucci (drums)

Floating and grooving in a complex and likewise catchy musical cosmos between jazz, pop and singer-songwriter Olivia Trummer is considered one of the most interesting female jazz musicians of her generation. She fascinates audiences around the world with her effortless and expressive ability not only as a pianist but also as a vocalist and songwriter. Her lyrics expose a very personal view on love, emptiness and letting go while arbitrating between mind and heart.

The Olivia Trummer Trio has an excellent and international line-up: Nicola Angelucci (IT) on drums and Haggai Cohen-Milo (IL) on double bass, both virtuosos on their instruments, contribute to Olivia's music with imagination, sensitivity and their vivid interplay. During their concerts the trio displays pure joy and a wide range of dynamics that also includes powerfully silent, intense moments.